About SEO lab

At it’s heart, SEO lab is intended to be a working demonstration of how different search engines may or may not rank specific page elements in their SERPs (Search Engine Position Pages). This isn’t intended to be an more than than an information resource on basic SEO issues.

At it’s heart is the aim of putting a stop to the mis-information, by way of clear and demonstrable tests. This is intended to help clean up the SEO industry, and also aid webmasters who are looking at what elements they should consider optimising with, to help give their new websites a fighting chance of ranking for specific terms relating to their subject area.

It is recommended that these tests are considered as a guide, nothing more. Just because any particular search engine does or does not use particular elements now, does not mean that this cannot change at their next update.

However, it is also intended to provide a library of articles covering various issues of SEO, from medium to advanced levels. If you are looking for an introduction to search engine optimisation itself then try somewhere such as these basic search engine optimisation articles. If you’ve already learned a little about SEO issues from the various forums out there, then they will provide much more interesting reading.

The articles have been sourced, with permission, from a range of different people with their own specialities in the world of SEO. However, please note that different SEO’s will tend to emphasise different aspects of SEO. Thus although there may be clear agreement on basic principles and purposes, there may be disagreement over precise details. This is actually true of any discipline.

It is recommended that these articles are read as guides and that alone. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the reader to determine the usefulness of any SEO article to themselves.

We simply hope that, for the most part, this website will serve as an important resource and reference point for SEO issues.

If you have any recommendations of SEO tests and/or articles you wish to see on SEO lab, then feel free to e-mail me with your recommendation.