Google is not the only search engine

Far too often I see prospective clients only look to rank on Google.

Sure, Google is the most widely used search engine – but if you develop a strategy that only caters for Google, you may be crippling yourself unnecessarily.

Yahoo! and MSN together can capture almost 50% of the search market, so anyone looking to simply target Google may do so at the expense of other search traffic avenues.

This is particularly in the case of businesses that worry most about getting on-topic links, building links gradually, and only links from high PageRank pages.

Not only is this going to shift costs significantly upwards, it can additionally kneecap traffic and sales from other sources.

The bottom line is that if you have a new domain, and are unlikely to rank well in the short-term for Google due to sandboxing – then forget about Google.

Instead, target Yahoo! and MSN to deliver traffic and sales from these search engines primarily for major targeted keywords, while also capturing a lot of Longtail traffic from Google.

Then, when Google finally starts to relax the filters on your domain, you already have a very strong SEO campaign platform to take advantage of this.

The bottom line is that there is that Google is not the only search engine – and those businesses that realise this, are going to be more success than those that don’t.