How to spot nofollow links the easy way

Sometimes you may be considering adding content to a third-party site, not least for link benefits.

Whether it’s a link exchange, forum link drop, blog comment, or article submission, the sites for links are available – but some throw in a nasty surprise by using the “nofollow” tag.

Looking through page code for nofollow is arduous at best – so make it easy on yourself by editing the CSS of Mozilla Firefox so that anything with nofollow is clearly highlighted on a page. 🙂

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Install Mozilla Firefox, of course. 🙂
2. Surf to the following file (Windows XP):

\Documents and Settings\
\Application Data\

Now add the following to the bottom of that file:

background-color: red!important;
color: white!important;
font-weight: bold!important;
text-decoration: none!important;

IMPORTANT: Now rename “userContent-example.css” to “userContent.css”.

There – now done. 🙂

Many SEO’s already know this trick for spotting nofollow links quickly and easily, but if you’re still exploring the waters, or only a small scale link finder, then you should probably find this quite useful. 🙂