Off-topic links work and are effective

There’s a lot of general discussion on the need for “on-topic” links.

Google is perceived by some to particularly reward “on-topic” links.

But not every page with a link is going to be devoted to that topic – heck, you only have to consider Google itself.

Consider how many times you see people link to Google – how many of those webpages are specifically about search engines?

Probably not many – but instead about an unrelated subject, where Google is recommended as a resource for finding out more.

Off-topic links are a natural part of the structure of the web, and because of that, are always useful – for human users and search engines.

And the simple truth is that off-topic links work and are effective for SEO campaigns.

While on-topic links are desirable, this can really push up a budget considerably. Frankly for many small businesses to insist on on-topic links only is not simply difficult, it’s unnecessary.

My personal SEO philosophy is not to simply deliver results, but to deliver results in a very cost-effective manner.

After all, would you rather pay $5,000 or $1,000 to generate $10,000 in sales?

Off-topic links can be a very cost-effective way to generate keywords links in volume – and develop corresponding traffic and sales because of it.