Web directories

Web directories have a variable reputation in SEO.

On the one hand, they are often regarded as little better than link farms. Even worse, they almost certainly provide “low-trust” links.

Even still, I use directory listings as a strategic part of my overall SEO campaign.

This is not because I want to use directory titles to “link bomb” into listings – but as a key part of a spidering strategy.

Having a search engine friendly site requires that search engines can actually find and index it, and web directories are a way to help ensure a stable of static links that search engines can use to find it.

It also helps raise the overall profile of a website online.

Sometimes the page listings can capture key Longtail searches that – if you are listed prominently enough on – can help expose your target company to human users, and even capture qualified sales leads.

When it comes to SEO strategies, a directory-only approach isn’t going to be a big help for competitive business verticals.

However, when enrolled into a wider SEO campaign utilising multiple strategies, I personally consider it to be an invaluable part of the armoury.